Governing Principles for ODMI and “Abba’s House”

  1. The House of Prayer is the world-wide body of Christ throughout the earth, the church. The Church is described as “living stones” built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.
  2. Sons of God/ Bride of Christ – We relate to our Father as sons forever who have fully matured into God’s image and likeness, which is our highest identity throughout all eternity. We also relate as a bride, equally yoked in love and made compatible to Him. Bride of Christ revelation is not related to our gender, but speaks of a position of privilege in our relationship with God to experience unhindered access to the depths of His heart and mind.
  3. House of Prayer – Jesus said, “My house is a house of prayer” This describes what we do in our function as a kingdom of priests who eternally minister to God by agreeing with the truth of who He is and what He’s doing. The priestly ministry of prayer is the primary way God releases His governmental power through Jesus and His people, now and forever. This is seen in Jesus engaging in intercession forever. The Church is the only ones in the earth with the authority to contend with the powers of darkness. Faith-filled words of agreement with God release more of God’s grace in any geographic region.
  4. Tabernacle of David – The LORD said, “I will raise up the Tabernacle of David”. This describes the order in which we function as a house of prayer (i.e. Davidic order), which is from the place of encountering God in day and night prayer with worship (prophetic music/singing), that is fueled by the beauty of God and is the primary catalyst for missions in the earth. The prayer watches will pray for missions, with music, from intimacy.
  5. Convergence of Heaven and Earth. Through the declaration of the Gospel to disciple believers in being carriers and releasers of the Kingdom of God in the earth because of the finished work of the cross. (If you want to build a House of Prayer you must Be a House of Prayer)
  6. Bringing in a Great Harvest of Souls in our city and region through the preaching of the Gospel and making disciples.
  7. To pray and contend for the Father’s heart to be accomplished for the salvation of the nation of Israel.
  8. Family restoration and fullness.
  9. Prayer for the release of speedy Justice on the earth for the oppressed.
  10. Prophetic witness of God’s Infinite worth.
  11. Hastening the Day of the Lord.